Mary Cassatt & Edgar Degas

After all my years of studying art history & visiting museums (more recently Norton simon), I’m happy to say that Mary Cassatt is my favorite artist. Good art to me isn’t just a pretty art piece that looks so real that you can touch it, but is something so awe inspiring & instantly evokes strong emotions… & that even after you look away/move, your perspective of the world is different (like reading the Bible or realizing the grace of God). I love the intimacy between mothers & children & other lovely motherhood moments that Cassatt so accurately captures through all her art. It is so beautiful.

The second artist that I love very much is Edgar Degas, another Impressionist who captures the elegance & beauty of ballet & dance. It’s interesting that both Cassatt & Degas were good friends & worked together side by side. I love them both very much. I’m so blessed to be able to walk to & through Norton Simon/other museums & see their large Degas collection.

(Not surprising) Things that I love & am excited for:

1. Motherhood (no rush, I have years to come)

2. Ballet (which will start again, if not me, hopefully my daughter?)

"Women who hope in God are women who look away from the troubles & miseries & obstacles of life that seem to make the future bleak, & they focus their attention on the sovereign power & love of God who rules in heaven & does on earth whatever He pleases." -John Piper


Piece of childhood.


Piece of childhood.

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